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"Smith's assistance and counsel throughout the dealing process was invaluable. His experience with manufacturing businesses, and perhaps more importantly, his experience dealing with both the buyer and the seller in these transactions and all the ups and downs and sometime wildly varied emotions of those involved was extremely helpful in completing this transaction."

"We retained Loren M. Smith's firm, Blue Valley Capital, to source and evaluate potential North American acquisition targets for our company, CTE Tech, headquartered in Taiwan. We made this decision as a result of a study we commissioned to identify our options to pursue the acquisition of Wire Harness Manufacturers in the U.S. and Mexico. Smith did exactly what he said he would, on schedule, and on a budget. He was exceptionally responsive, professional, and knowledgeable."

"I initially worked with Loren at Texas Instruments as we both began our careers in the mid-1960's. He cut his teeth in a competitive, mini-GE environment that has served him well as he moved into entrepreneurial business leadership. Our paths separated for some years and then reconnected during the 1980's when, as Monona Wire's CEO, he became a valued customer of appliance wiring material for my employer at that time. Loren exhibits discipline and a keen understanding of people in everything that he does. I recall his readiness to personally visit my wire manufacturing facility and his efforts to establish a supply relationship that included but went well beyond beneficial pricing and capacity allocation considerations. He's a leader who understands the basics and who has the ability to wring profits from businesses that, in other hands, would be mired in losses. I respect and endorse his management abilities."

"Loren Smith brings very strong and valuable credentials to his clients by leveraging his experiences in building businesses ground up, integrating and transitioning acquisitions as both seller and buyer, and in developing strategic direction for his clients. I had the opportunity to work for Loren 30 years ago, and his influence continues on as a mentor for me. In that initial relationship I participated in taking over a struggling company, lacking strategic customers or best practices and transforming Monona Wire into a world leaderin harness assembly with clients such as Caterpillar and John Deere. Later I observed the process Loren took his company in preparation for a strategic divestiture and integrationinto a larger organization... accomplished successfully for both seller and buyer.. a rare 'win/win' combination. In summary, Loren brings a unique combination of managementand leadership combined with consultative skills that will bring value to his clients. A difference between Loren and many other consultants is that he has personally and professionally experienced the challenges and opportunities that are now confronting his clients."

"Loren Smith has been a great help to our business, not only as one of the early founding members of the Wire Harness Manufacturer's Association, but also as a consultant, both formal and informal. Loren's depth of knowledge of our industry and hard earned experience as CEO of Monona Wire Corporation is testament to his practical real world experience. I recommend Loren to anyone in our industry and other mid-market manufacturing businesses for advice on what it takes to grow in today's competitive business environment."

"Loren Smith was a featured speaker at our 2008 annual Wire Harness Manufacturer's Association Conference. His topic was 'A Wire Harness Manufacturer's Memoir: From Start-Up to $85 Million, Surviving the Landmines Along the Way'. Loren gave an excellent presentation demonstrating his insight and experience. A comment from one of the attendees, that typified his reception, conveyed that Loren was the 'real deal'; one of the reall success stories of our industry."

"My first introduction to Loren Smith was at a conference where Loren was a guest speaker on the subject of growing and financing a manufacturing company. I was so impressed that I contracted him to be a business advisor to our company. With Loren's capable advice and participation I was able to execute several key operational and strategic decisions that have led to the improvement and refinement of our strategic plans. Loren continues to be a valuable asset to our company during challenging economic times."

"Loren Smith possesses a blend of street smarts and business intuition together with a track record of accomplishments that uniquely qualify him to advise the emerging company that has achieved early successes, but has yet to fully exploits opportunities and core competencies. I have found him to be a trusted advisor and an individual of unquestionable integrity who never fails to deliver results."

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